Como fazer o download de Usenet

howToDownloadIn simple terms, Usenet is a hybrid between email and an open discussion forum. Originally developed in 1979 to facilitate academic discussion, Usenet is different from and predates the world wide web.

Usenet has continued to evolve and today is now both used for discussion and the exchange of binary files.

In this article series, we are going to look at how to effectively take advantage of Usenet so that you can quickly search, find what you want and then download it quickly and securely. In this article series we show you how to use Usenet. Whether you have experience downloading from Usenet or are just getting started with Usenet  this article series aims to provide help with Usenet because it can challenging.

Understanding, navigating and downloading files from Usenet newsgroups is not as easy as clicking on a download link on a website however do not forget that downloading from Usenet is both MUCH faster and more secure than other forms of file sharing such as bittorrent.

Part of the difficultly, comes from the fact that Usenet was NOT originally designed to transfer binary files, in fact, early Internet engineers had to design a way to take a binary file and encode it as a text message. This text message would then be distributed through the newsgroups in Usenet and finally reconvert  into the original binary file.

Although Usenet does require a bit more configuration and training, properly setup and configured, Usenet is , as mentioned, the fastest and most secure form of downloading.

The first step in the whole process is to choose a Usenet service provider, we are going to examine this in the next article.  Keep in mind, that oftentimes you will have to or want to pay for a premium Usenet service. In some cases, as we will look at shortly, you can get lucky and your ISP will provide a free or rather included  Usenet service in their Internet connectivity package.

Any questions or issues with this article series, contact me and I will reply ASAP.  Without further ado let's get started and talk about how to choose a Usenet service.

Read how to choose an Usenet service.

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